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Behind the Credibility of InventHelp

One of the well-known inventor service company is InventHelp. The firm was established in 1984 and they also employ 100+ employers in their headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that includes writers, researchers, illustrators and customer service representatives and likewise other staffs. They even help maintain the largest network of regional sales offices or other similar firms in more than 60 cities in Germany, US, Canada and Australia.

The company also made its corporate headquarters which is located in Pennsylvania for more than 30 years. They also could assist you when it comes to submitting your inventions or new product ideas to the industry. They however will not promise you that you will get profits from the efforts they make. They may also refer you towards an independent licensed patent attorney to provide you with a preliminary patent search and opinion. Based from the opinion, the attorney will be able to help prepare and file a US patent application on the idea with US Patent and Trademark Office.

InventHelp previously had some troubles with the Federal Trade Commission in the 1900’s, however there were no major complaints recently. Though there were some grievances with consumer chat boards, the Better Business Bureau gave the firm with an A+ rating due to the fact that it has addressed their consumer complaints.
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There are however some new complaints that the firm encountered, where it is detailed below:
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After sending your invention, there will be a salesman who will call or send you an email and tell you that your idea has been accepted by the company. They will also tell you that your idea has high chances of success, your invention is unique, their research department is excited about it and that you can make a lot of money with it.

After that, they will send you with a contract for a research report and they then will tell you that when the report comes back negatively, you will then receive a full refund. Every report is filled with a standard language which describes different stages for developing any invention. You will also receive a patent search which comes with a drawing and other useless information.

At the end of their report, it states that your idea is practical, useful and is safe. This then is where the company wants to submit your idea to the manufacturing industry and will bilk more money from you. After eight weeks, the research report then arrives in the mail and you will be anxious to find out on what’s next. The consultant will then call you in reviewing your research report with you.

Though there are some complaints to which the company receives, you should always do your research first so you are able to find out about the credibility of the reports and in order for you to find out if you are taking the risk.

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